Beyond Sakartvelo - LIAM M. O'HARA


It was just another autumn day when these strange dreams began – dreams that were out of the ordinary and wouldn’t leave Liam in peace. Soon he would recognize that said dreams are spiritual messages and would take him to that small and unknown country in the Caucasus Mountains, which in the end decide his fate, giving his life an unexpected turn.

An old monk who seems to know everything about Liam’s life, and an almost hundred-year-old oath waiting to be fulfilled.


November 2018

76 Seite, Englisch

ISBN 978-3-945444-24-5


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I felt quite sleepy on our way back. It was pitch-dark when we arrived, so I went to bed straightaway.

Although I was very tired, I tossed and turned in my bed for some time before I fell asleep.

I had a strange dream that night: I was standing on a hill looking down at a large village. There were farmers with cows and herds of sheep in the fields. However, the most curious thing was, the many stone towers; some of them surrounding the village, others between the houses. There were high snow-covered mountains on the horizon shaping the landscape.

There was an old wall behind me. Behind the wall there was a monastery with a medieval church. I had the sensation that I was really there and felt the wind and could smell freshly baked bread.

Some monks were walking around in the yard of the monastery; all of them wearing black robes, crucifixes and had long beards.

It seemed to be a mysterious medieval place I visited in my dream.

On the one hand the countryside, the towers and the monastery seemed somehow familiar to me, on the other hand everything seemed completely new to me because I didn’t remember that I had ever visited such a place. 

When I woke up in the middle of the night, my whole body felt very hot and I was sweating with fever.