The Lantern Festival - A Star Children's Story - LIAM M. O'HARA



An encounter between two realms



August 2019

24 Seiten, Englisch (Heft)

ISBN: 978-3-945444-27-6



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They had been close friends ever since.

They went to nursery, always played tricks together and spent almost every holiday together.

Even though they hadn’t seen each other for quite a while, Justin and Hanna were present in the boys’ memories – two happy children with red hair and freckles.

They had also spent the annual lantern festival together with all the other kids.

However, this year they would participate for the first time without Justin and Hanna.


They had almost reached the field behind the village where the big fire was to be lit, when the two boys suddenly saw a shooting star.

Full of amazement, Fabio said: “I have never ever seen anything like that!”

At that moment his brother said in a loud voice:

“Look, there is another one over there!”

Though they always had a lot of imagination, they didn’t trust their eyes.

They had just seen two shooting stars fall down to Earth, one after another!