The Speaking Icon - A Christmas Story from Greece
Crete/Greece, 24th December 1992: Alex, Aris and Thaïs make a strange discovery on Christmas Eve. There is a curious bright star shining above the old chapel near the village church, and none of the adults take notice of it. So just before Christmas Mass, the three adventruers try to determine what mystery lies behind the star, and yet they discover a mysterious icon...
Oktober 2014
36 Seiten, Englisch
ISBN: 978-3-945444-06-1
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It was perhaps an hour till the mass, as Aris excitedly came running into the living room and said that we should quickly go onto the balcony.

I had no idea what he wanted to show us, but suddenly above the old chapel on the hill above the church we saw a particular light star that only shone on the hill. Aris said: “I have been observing the stars for a long time, however, I have never seen one like this before.”

I added humorously: “Maybe this star is the Star of Bethlehem.”

My cousin said: “What do you think of, if we walk up the hill. It is about a quarter of an hour by foot and the mass won't start for another hour.”

Thaïs said: “Though for years no one has visited the old chapel. The door is probably locked.”

Aris replied: “Never mind, it's worth a try. Who is with me and will walk to the chapel?”