The Curse of the Fire Temple - An adventure in Indonesia


When 11-year-old Moritz leaves for the distant Dutch East Indies in the spring of 1908 with his parents, he has no idea what lies in that unknown world – a local boy with an Irish name, who becomes Moritz's best friend, the mystical Garuda eagle, which no one has ever seen before, and the mysterious island, which is feared by every fisherman and on which no human has set foot on for decades.


September 2014

132 Seiten, Englisch

ISBN: 978-3-945444-00-9


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Today after 39 days at sea we reached our destination port in the morning.

As I stood at the rail with Anna, we saw a bright flashing light on the horizon just before sunrise.


Anna said with enthusiasm: “This is the lighthouse of Batavia. Soon we will enter the harbor.”


Out of sheer luck I was so excited that I couldn't wait to set foot on this strange unknown land.


It would take a few more hours until we would sail into the harbor; but I spent most of the time on deck and watched this big city that got bigger and more powerful, as we got closer.


Early in the morning we finally reached the port.


Together, with all the other passengers we were now on deck and waited to get off. Carefully, we walked down the steep ship's ladder carrying our luggage until after about a hundred steps we finally had solid ground under our feet again.


As we got off, a warm wind blew in my face and the sun burnt like at lunchtime at home, although it was only morning.


In front of our steamer stood hundrets of people:

Dutch and locals who had come to pick up friends and relatives.