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German Made Easy for Filipinos - Grammar Handbook for German A1-B1 Learners - CINDY LLORENTE-WIEGAND (CCLW LEARNING CENTER)


German Made Easy for Filipinos is your tailored guide to starting and mastering the German language with ease and confidence. Designed specifically for Filipino learners, who have been speaking English their whole lives, this book simplifies the explanation of the German grammar in English, making the learning process both intuitive and enjoyable.

With clear and concise explanations and practical examples, German Made Easy for Filipinos addresses the specific challenges Filipinos may face when starting to learn the German language. The book starts with the basic foundation of learning including pronunciation, to A1 grammar, all the way up to the B1 grammar to ensure that learners grasp how to use the language.

Whether you're planning to study in a language center, with a tutor, or study on your own, German Made Easy for Filipinos equips you with the essential grammar explanations you need.

Embrace the journey of learning a new language with a resource that understands your unique linguistic background and makes German language truly accessible.



Juli 2024

130 Seiten, Englisch/Deutsch

ISBN: 978-3-945444-51-1


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